San Diego County Property Tax Rate

The following chart will help you determine the rate at which properties are taxed in San Diego County. The TAX RATE is applied per every one-hundred dollars of the assessed value:

Tax Rates displayed below are for the Fiscal Year 2013/2014 and include the typical Tax Rate Area for each city in the County.
CityTax RateTax for a $500,000 Assessed Value
Chula Vista1.14479$5,723.95
Del Mar1.03296$5,164.80
El Cajon1.21908$6,095.40
Imperial Beach1.17169$5,858.45
La Mesa1.18106$5,905.30
Lemon Grove1.19503$5,975.15
National City1.11038$5,551.90
San Diego1.18277$5,913.85
San Marcos1.08360$5,418.00
Solana Beach1.02661$5,133.05

These Tax Rates are the most common for the cities listed. Rates may vary for properties within a specific area in the city. To find your individual tax rate please go to chose the most current Fiscal Year, then Cities or School Districts, chose the city or school district your property is located at and scroll down until you see the specific TRA (Tax Area Rate) code for your home.

In addition to this Property Tax, some properties in newer areas within the San Diego County also incur Mello-Roos Tax which is in addition to the county property tax. Typically you will see what that Mello-Roos tax is under Financial when viewing the property details. Call me or send me an email if you have questions on a specific property.