Buying a home in San Diego: Step by step process

We often get calls from home buyers who want to jump in the car and go see the first house or condo that catches their interest. In their enthusiasm, they forget that buying a home is a step-by-step process. Most home buyers that they have lost their dream home is because they have past over important steps, or have missed steps altogether.

We want you to buy your dream home or condo the right way. Read below each step involved in the home buying process and then map out a plan to reach your home buying goal. Plan smart!

San Diego Home Buying Process – Initial Steps

Initial steps for a successful home buying process in San Diego.

Establish A Plan

Establish a winning plan with the real estate agent. Start by evaluating and pinpointing the location (neighborhood) you want to live.

Loan Pre-qualification

Meet with a loan broker to obtain a home loan pre-qualification or pre-approval. Avoid surprises… Know how much house you can afford!

View Properties

View your favorite homes or condos

Offer To Purchase

Write an offer to purchase your most favorite home.

Counter Offers

Study and negotiate any counter offers from the seller.